Live Demo of a SQ Series Mace DVR
We are happy to provide this Live Demo of a Mace DVR System.

There are some details about how to reach and operate the DVR that need to be covered before you access the equipment.

First, the Mace DVR like most others in use today requires an ActiveX file to be loaded on to your PC. This allows the two to communicate more clearly and faster.

You may be asked to allow this to happen by your PC depending on how your PC is setup.After this action has been completed the DVR will commuicate with your PC and you will be at the front door of the DVR. This is the main screen with a block to enter your User Name and Password.

You will need a Password and User Name to enter.

That information and the link will be provided to you after you submit the form below.

You will recieve an email within seconds with your User Name and Password.

Once allowed in the DVR you will find and small window at the top left.
Click on the button "Open All" to see the camera views provided.

Please logout when you are finished, Thank You...

Thanks for your interest in Cherry L Enterprises and Mace Security Products.

Access to Live Demo
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