Warning the State of Texas now requires that all Surveillance Camera equipment that records an image MUST be installed by a company licensed by the State of Texas Private Security Bureau. Cherry L Enterprises is licensed to sell and install CCTV equipment in Texas.

Complete (8) Eight Camera Surveillance System
*Standard Installation Included
$ 1,449.00 + tax

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System Includes
Mace H.264 8 Ch DVR Unit
500 Gig (Built-in) Hard Drive
(8) Mace Color IR Weatherproof Cameras
50' IR Illumination (works day or night)
Cameras Power Supply Unit (Built-in)
Video Cabling for all Cameras (60'length)
Mobile Phone Support (by Internet)
VGA Output
Audio I/O - USB Backup
Mouse/Remote Control
Remote access to DVR from Internet
(Static IP address from IPS required)

System can be programmed to record 24 hours a day for your protection and can be played back and copied to your PC for CD Burning if needed very easily.
Easy to operate and dependable Mace Quality Products will serve you for years. The system comes with a 90 day complete warranty.This system is designed to connect into your LAN and provide camera viewing from any PC in your network by password.It also has a VGA connection in back for your monitor unit if required.Remote viewing of your system can also be accomplished by using your internet connection. (Must be DSL or better) Note: Static IP Address required from your ISP (Internet Service Provider)for this feature.

*Standard Installation: The system comes with pre-made cabling units at 60' long. These cables must be able to reach the camera placement point and connect to the DVR point without cutting or splicing the assembly.If that is not possible using the provided cabling a new cable must be made to replace it. The cost of the new cable is determined by the length required. For example a 100' cable will cost only $55.00. Additionally if required a labor fee is applied to cover the extra work. The structure must be single story and with attic access to cameras, or will not qualify for the Free Install Special .

Users Manual

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